Hosting a Blood Drive

Students Host a Blood Drive

Every year thousands of student leaders across the country organize American Red Cross blood drives at their schools.

In fact, almost 20 percent of the millions of donations made each year come from high school and college blood drives.

Partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive is a great way to:

  • Rally your school around a cause that saves millions of lives each year
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Promote teamwork  
An American Red Cross representative will team up with you to set a goal, provide materials and help set you up to recruit donors and volunteers.

Key Ingredients for Success:

  1. Work with your school leadership
    A successful blood drive needs to have the backing of the school administration. Work with them to secure the best time and place for your event. Reach out to existing school organizations like the Student Council, National Honor Society or Red Cross Club to help recruit donors.
  2. Plan your dates to avoid conflicts
    Plan ahead so you can choose a date that does not conflict with major events like holiday breaks, school-wide exams or school special events.
  3. Set a goal
    Take a look at your school or organization’s size and interest level to determine how many students may be eligible to donate blood. Your Red Cross representative will then help determine the goal of the blood drive.
  4. Pick the right space
    The best locations are typically gymnasiums, auditoriums or an indoor common area. The space should be:

    • Large enough to provide adequate confidentiality
    • Clean, cool and easily-accessible
    • Have access to restrooms, and if necessary, parking
    Students Host a Blood Drive
    If you don’t have a location inside your school campus appropriate for a blood drive, talk with your Red Cross representative about other options for hosting a blood drive.
  5. Put together a recruitment team
    Recruitment is easier when several people share the task, and a recruitment team is a great way to have a successful drive. You’ll also need to get the word out – through posters, announcements, social websites, and of course, just asking friends personally.
10 people recruiting 10 donors each works a lot better
than one person recruiting 100!