What to Expect

Hosting a blood drive with the Red Cross is a lifesaving partnership. A Red Cross representative will work with you every step of the way to help make your drive a success.

The Host:

  • Offers a suitable location
  • Publicizes the blood drive
  • Organizes a recruitment committee to recruit donors within the organization
  • Schedules donors for appointments

The Red Cross:

  • Works with you to plan and organize the blood drive
  • Helps you determine how many donors to expect and how to recruit them
  • Provides planning and donor recruitment tools
  • Brings equipment and supplies to your site; sets everything up and takes it down at the end
  • Confidentially screens donors and collects the donations, safely and professionally
  • Serves refreshments to donors
  What to Expect when hosting a blood drive

In addition, you can build fun and excitement into your blood drive through optional activities such as:

  • Having members bring homemade refreshments.
  • Creating teams that can compete to recruit the most donors.
  • Building some entertainment into the event.
  • Developing a cool theme for your blood drive.
  • See keys to success when hosting blood drives.
 Having members bring homemade refreshments for the blood drive