Hosting FAQs

I am interested in hosting a blood drive, who do I contact?

Please complete this online form and a Red Cross representative will contact you.

What are the requirements for an organization to host a blood drive?

Any organization can participate in the blood program. Based on experience, the organization should have at least 200 members to hold a blood drive, but your Red Cross representative will work with you determine how you can partner with the Red Cross if you have fewer people.

Will the Red Cross bring a blood drive to our location?

Blood drives can be held either on a Red Cross blood donation bus or in the facility of the hosting organization. Most sponsors choose to host the drive in their facility. However, our Red Cross representative will work with you to determine the best set up for your blood drive.

I do not have enough appointments to meet the blood drive goal, what can I do?

Can I give donors incentives or gifts for participating?

All donors are required to be truly “volunteer” donors by the FDA, and not be reimbursed for their donation, so any gift or incentive offered must be offered to all participants of a blood drive – donors and volunteers alike. This helps ensure all people are honest about their health history. All incentives offered must be reviewed and approved by your Red Cross representative.