Coordinator Tools

Thank you for choosing to host an American Red Cross blood drive.  The following tools will help you make your blood drive a success.

Helpful Resources for Blood Drive Coordinators

Current Programs and Promotions

Recruitment Strategies and Tips
  • Recruitment Resources
    Attaining goal is an important part of the drive’s success. We have over 70 years of experience helping your drive be a success. Use the proven methodology and tools provided here to maximize your drives impact.

Flyers and Posters
  • Flyers and Posters
    Your Red Cross Account Manager will provide you with additional printouts that you may need. Please check out and download standard flyers and tools.

Answering Donor Questions
  • Answering Donor Questions
    Blood drive coordinators often find themselves answering questions from potential donors regarding the donation process or donor eligibility or simply addressing common objections. Browse our catalog of information for helpful tips.

Blood Drive Sponsor Stories
  • Blood Drive Sponsor Stories
    American Red Cross blood drive sponsors and coordinators play a critical role in maintaining the local and national blood supply. These dedicated volunteers all have their own stories that motivate them. They are a source of universal inspiration to us, and we hope – you.

BDC Online Scheduling
  • BDC Online Scheduling
    As a blood drive coordinator, you will have access to our online blood drive management features at This system is a convenient way to organize your blood drive at the touch of a finger.

Additional resources may be available from your Red Cross representative who will work with you to ensure your blood drive is a success.