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Coordinator Tools

Thank you for choosing to host an American Red Cross blood drive.  The following tools will help you make your blood drive a success.

Helpful Resources for Blood Drive Coordinators

Planning Checklist
  • Planning Timeline
    A step-by-step guide on what a blood drive coordinator needs to do and how to ensure the drive is successful.

Flyers and Tools
  • Flyers and Tools
    Your Red Cross representative will provide you with most print-outs you may need, but checkout our online download center for standard flyers and tools.

Recruitment Strategies and Tips
  • Recruitment Strategies and Tips
    Suggestions and best practices for how to raise awareness and engage potential blood donors in your organization.  Includes information about online scheduling.

Answering Donor Questions
  • Answering Donor Questions
    Blood drive coordinators often find themselves answering questions from potential donors regarding the donation process or donor eligibility or simply addressing common objections. Browse our catalog of information for helpful tips.

Additional resources may be available from your Red Cross representative who will work with you to ensure your blood drive is a success.