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Introduction to becoming a volunteer. 0:39 seconds
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Introudction to becoming a volunteer.
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How long have you been a volunteer?
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How did you come to choose the American Red Cross?
1:13 minutes
What activities do volunteers perform?
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What do you like most about volunteering?
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What message would other volunteers share?
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How often do you volunteer?
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Volunteer Video Final.
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Living A Life Of well Being And health And Fitness

Shivan Desai

Shivan Desai's First Time Donating Blood


I love knowing i am saving someones life!


Unexpected Volunteer


When I Turn 16


First time

Jessica McGroarty

Service to others

Lorna G. Bell

I have O negative blood bu the last two times I came to donate. My iron levels were down and I was sent home.


I made a Difference and so can you! :)


Give 2 pints at a time