The Life You Save May Be Your Own



February 06, 2018
When I was 8 yrs old (1957) I used crutches & fell on a broken coke bottle. My wrist artery was split above the wrist. Needless to say, I needed immediate attention. An elderly neighbor, who didn't drive, with his wife stopped a passing motorist. A young angel in a "hopped-up" ford stopped & git me & Mr. Smith to the hospital in record time (leaving a police officer behind). This was before blood banks. So while I was in surgery Mr. Smith went on the street in front of the hospital & recruited 8-9 blood donors. As I got older & understood the significance of Mr. Smith's actions, I knew I had a life-long blood debt that could only be paid forward. And by the time I was 18, I understood the significance of my blood type (O-, CMV-) and that "sealed the deal". I started donations in the Marine Corps & continued for some 40+ years giving over 27 gals. Sadly had to stop when I began to have hypertension issues. But got it under control & restarted donations 3 years ago. As I had to have open-heart surgery last year &, of course, needed blood products. Remember the O neg, CMV neg? Well, donate, the life you save may be your own. My next appointment is next month, when's YOURS?