Hiram, GA
September 06, 2017
I donate in memory of my Mama...in 2003 we found out she had breast cancer she received chemo and radiation and went into remission for 3 years in June of 2006 the cancer came back with a vegenance we were told the cancer was everywhere bone brain her whole body I remember that day at the drs office I told her I would take care of her not to worry we both trusted God she was going to be alright her blood count was too low for her to have chemo treatments so she would receive blood one day and we would try to do a treatment and the cancer would just destroy the new blood and she wouldn't be able to have a treatment we did this for months and one day sitting in the hospital she looked at me and starting crying and said I feel so bad for receiving this blood when I know that the cancer is just destroying it and I said Mama it's helping you I promised her right then I would give back each time she received blood she still was crying and said thank you so that's the reason I give blood those donors that helped my Mama in her last months I'm just passing it forward I took care of her until she passed in Feb of 2007 I miss her every single min of every day I love her very much and I know I will see her again in Heaven I pray for everyone if they can to be a donor it is the greatest feeling to help others God bless each one that reads my story