paying it forward and passing it down to my child



Acworth, GA
August 23, 2014
8/21/14 was my daughter Autumn Hope's first time donating.... so glad I could be there for it and donate too! I've been donating on and off since I turned 18, now they let you start at 16 as long as you have a parents permission. This is one way to pay it forward for us....because in May 2010 after open heart surgery my husband Barry had to get a blood transfusion. That day there just so happened to be a blood drive downstairs at the hospital. So while he was getting blood upstairs in ICU, I went downstairs to donate. If someone out there hadn't donated blood we might not have him here with us today. He wants to donate now but cannot because of the blood thinners he takes. So we give in honor of him!! <3 so thankful and glad to pay it forward