A Blood Transfusion Saved My Life!



San Dimas, CA
August 21, 2014
I had just turned seventeen years old and I was registering for school on a Friday morning when I started bleeding. We thought it was just a really bad menstrual period, but I ended up in the Emergency Room twice after passing out in the grocery store and several other times at home. I couldn't make it across the hallway to get to the bathroom without fainting. We had no idea what was wrong. I kept losing blood and consciousness. This went on for several days. Finally, my mom was able to get me an appointment on Wednesday with an OBGYN, who took one look at me and admitted me to the hospital. A nurse came in and had my mom sign forms saying that, if necessary, I could have a blood transfusion. I didn't want a blood transfusion. I was terrified, but I was only 17 and not legally able to sign for myself. I did need a blood transfusion; in fact, I needed two. The doctor came into my room and explained normal blood levels and told me that mine was well below the point at which someone would be dead. He shook his head and said, "I have no idea why you're still alive." Two blood transfusions saved my life. I went on to graduate high school, to earn a BA in English, to go on missions trips abroad, to minister to high school girls, to meet and marry my very best friend, the love of my life. All because someone donated blood. I, along with my husband and our extended families, am so grateful for the donation that saved my life. Please give life!