Sharing is Caring whether its your forutne or blood!



Poway, CA
July 30, 2014
I genuinely have a heart to help others ! I also believe most people don't donate blood because they are scared it also tests one when you share blood is how much or how far can you give up physically that is so part of you that might some how some way save a life of unknown person somewhere in the world! It doesn't just take a kind heart to donate blood but also a brave one, as I was approached by so many who asked me if I wasn't afraid - it felt strange to me as that never crossed my mind...what could really happen to me if i donate my blood? Its not that I am going through a surgery and they are removing a part of me that I will never get back...only fear i had was do i have enough blood to donate :) I was 19 when i first donated, but at 44 my fear was different , going through divorce and taking care of children am I going to be OK! My struggles in life seem so small when i donated blood that might save a life and it also taught me something about myself. That even in my own misery and pain and struggle, I can still see and feel pain and suffering of another human being :) If that makes sense. In short we as humans have the power to do good and kind no matter what the situation presents us with! We have the ability to think beyond ourselves and if we can all do that this earth would be much more beautiful place for everyone.