Washington, DC
February 14, 2014
I started giving blood at 17 when my high school hosted a blood drive. My dad and older sister had been donors for years and I knew how important donation was and is. We would even go to drives together and challenge each other with who had the lower blood pressure and heart rate or who could fill their pint faster. After my first drive, I received a postcard in the mail with my very own donor card. The card had a little boy named Benjamin sitting with one of his (and my) favorite Red Sox players, Big Papi. Benjamin, as the postcard read, was battling leukemia. My donor information went on to tell me that my O-, CMV- blood was especially important to little Benjamin. Maybe it was the Red Sox cap he was wearing, the big smile that told me that kiddo was fighter, or the hundreds of others who need blood every day, but I have made a point of signing up for a drive whenever I can. I just signed up for my 14th donation, and this time I'm going Double Red! This one's for you little Benjamin!