A Birthday Gift of Life


Jeanne Webb

Grand Island, NE
January 05, 2014
Twenty five years ago today (January 5, 1989) I gave birth to our third child, a daughter. That feeling of ultimate joy and happiness was halted when I was told just minutes after delivery that I was hemorrhaging and would be taken in for a surgical procedure. The next thing I recall is waking up in the Intensive Care Unit after having an emergency hysterectomy because the hemorrhaging could not be stopped. My concerns about giving birth at age 39 were never about me but about having a healthy child ... and fortunately she was perfect. But as I found out, it can happen; some women may experience hemorrhaging during or after childbirth. I received 12 units of blood during the emergency surgery and recovery period. I am truly thankful for blood donors because their donations saved my life! I look at my grown daughter today and feel so fortunate that the night she was born, the doctors and nurses took all the right steps to handle what started out as a routine delivery but turned into an emergency situation. Looking back, it seems ironic that I received a beautiful gift of new life, a daughter and also received the gift of life from blood donors all within a few hours! I was a blood donor before this happened and I continue to be an avid blood donor, now working on my 14th gallon. My husband, daughter and son are blood donors as well. We all know from this personal family experience the importance of giving the gift of life!