10 Gallon donor continues to give blood



New Hope, PA
December 05, 2013
I wanted to donate blood at 17 against my HS Volleyball Coach's wishes who said if I donated blood that day, I would not be able to play in the volleyball game that afternoon. I gave blood anyway because it was important to start giving blood to those who needed it. The other girls did not give. I proved that I was fine and not dizzy and I played in the game anyway. The other girls were not pleased. I watched some of my other friends turn white and faint. It was such an easy thing to do for me since my veins pop out of my arm. Growing up, my dad gave blood all of the time and was a 5 gallon donor. Then he couldn't give blood anymore because he had heart issues and heart surgery. I was determined to continue the tradition and I am a 10 gallon donor, going on 11 gallons. I also give platelets whenever time permits.