Future Help Given, Immediate Help Received



Upper Darby, PA
November 21, 2013
I've known for a while that my blood type is the universally-received O-, and thus I've felt disappointed when missing two convenient opportunities to donate prior to Fall '13. The donation process went smoothly, and I felt good about my act since I know that my blood is especially useful for emergencies when time cannot be spared to determine the recipient's blood type. However, I had registered somewhat late and thus did not know I was to be well-fed beforehand. Having just finished a morning of classes with nothing more than water and about a cup of baby carrots since breakfast 6 hours earlier. While waiting after the donation for the recommended time, I felt extreme hunger and stood to get food in the cafeteria line nearby where the donation event was set up. About 3/4 of the way through the line, I felt extremely fatigued and had to slouch, eventually collapsing to the floor. This is when the blood donation collectors came to my aid and spent the next half hour restoring my nourishment and hydration. Had I gone straight home instead, I fear I would have required much more drastic measures such as an ambulance and IV. I thank those hard workers who not only saved me, but aided my efforts to save others as well.