Persistence is key.



Calhoun, GA
November 18, 2013
I've always wanted to be able to give blood, and I finally got to properly today! I gave once before today, in high school and it was not the best experience. The nurse accidentally took a little too much somehow and I passed out in class and then had breakthrough bleeding when I was sent home. So that was a bit discouraging from giving again, and for a while, I didn't try. But then I decided that maybe I ought to try again, and so I tried a bunch of times after that but I always got one of two answers: you are too thin or your iron is too low and it got kind of discouraging because I'd always go with my mom and I really wanted to give!! But I gained some healthy weight my iron is better so I went today and they let me! It was really pleasant, and the nurses were all very kind. I had a billion questions for them, and they answered all of them very politely, and it was all over just great! They even let me pick my own tape color, which I thought was very kind.