4th Time is a Charm



Omaha, NE
November 01, 2013
I had been trying so hard to donate blood. I tried when I was 16 with parent permission and could not complete the donation because my height-to-weight ratio was not in the "safe" category. When I was 17, I tried donating blood again, this time not needing parent permission, and was deferred again because of the height-to-weight ratio. When I was 18, I tried to donate at a blood drive sponsored by my church. This time around the height-to-weight ratio did not matter because of my age, but I could not donate blood because my pulse was too high. I finally tried, for a fourth time, when I entered college. My school put on a blood drive, and I knew it would be my time to shine. I signed up for an appointment and showed up early and prepared. We had the small chat behind those curtains about personal life, and we checked my iron, pulse, and blood pressure. Everything was in the clear and I was finally able to donate my blood, which was so exciting for me. I sat down on the glorified lawn chair, and the nurse tried to find my vein and was having some trouble. Once she found a good one, she pumped up my arm so the vein would shine through a bit more, and she stuck the needle in me. It was painful, but only for a few seconds. After the needle was in, my blood was coming out very slowly, and took twice as long as it should have. After I had donated the pint, she needed to get the tubes full of blood so they could test it to make sure it was not contaminated. That part was the worst because the needle was moving around and had not been taped onto my arm, so I waited in agony for her to remove the needle, but once it was out, I felt great and was so excited that I finally, potentially, impacted three peoples' lives. It was an amazing feeling and I would encourage anyone who is willing and healthy to donate blood. You will not regret it!