Setting a Goal



Macon, GA
October 30, 2013
In 1972 the first time donating, I donated in my grandmother's name. Everything went well and I vowed to give again. Sometime in the 80's. I decided to be a regular donor rolling up my sleeve 6 times a year, every year. When I got past donating 50 pints, I set a goal of 200 pints or 25 gallons. Well, along came pheresis and I got sidetracked on my goal for awhile. At first, no credit was added for pheresis but later on the American Red Cross added those donations to my whole blood total. I still donate as often as I can and just turned 60 years old. My next donation will be #183 and by the end of 2015, I should reach my goal at which point, I'll set a new goal. The little bit of time and slight pain from the needle stick is worth it knowing that I have helped save lives. You too can be a hero and save lives by donating blood.