From 2 units received to gallons given!



, NY
October 09, 2013
In 2006, I had a routine outpatient surgery, but had massive hemorrhaging and much difficulty waking from the anethesia. I was admitted overnight and the following day I could barely catch my breath just walking across the room. The doctor realized soon that due to my blood loss, I would need a transfusion to regain my strength. I received two units of blood that day. My mom had been a blood donor for years and my sister had started a few years prior in high school. All three of us have the same blood type. I like to think that it may have been my Mom or my Sister who helped me that day, but I know that my new blood could have come from so many others. After I reached the timeframe in which I could donate, I started donating regularly. I have donated over 12 times since 2006. I know that I have been able to help so many people in need from such a simple act.