Giving back



San Jose, CA
October 03, 2013
When I was 8, I was rushed into the hospital and stayed there for 8 days because of Dengue Fever. I needed blood transfusion at that time. I have Type O blood so it's not easy for me to receive blood. No one from my family could donate blood at that time so I actually got one from a stranger. I will never forget that time where a stranger helped contribute on saving my life. I was anemic as a child, and so do my relatives from my mother's side. Those experiences made me want to help out others in return. If it wasn't for that blood I received when I was 8 I probably wouldn't be here sharing my story. I first donated blood when I was 17 and a senior in high school. That's when my doctor told me I wasn't anemic anymore. I've donated once after that but I got deferred once since my hemoglobin wasn't very high. I signed up to donate again and hopefully I don't get deferred this time. I will donate blood as much as I can in my lifetime and help as much as I can.