Never Give Up On Helping Others



New Britain, CT
September 20, 2013
When I turned 17 I tried donating blood at my high school's blood drive even though the blood drive was the day before my junior prom and the same day as one of my softball games. I wasn't worried about it though, because I had always wanted to donate blood and help out others in whatever way I could. Unfortunately, after being hooked up for a while, my blood was barely coming out and they had to stop me before I could finish. The following Fall I tried again and once more failed; however, I still didn't give up. During the Spring I tried again, making sure I drank and ate enough in the days up until the blood drive. Although I took longer than those around me, I finally succeeded in donating the proper amount of blood. Once I went to college, I participated in two more blood drives, but only succeeded one of those times. Although for some reason my body struggles donating blood, I still try to donate whenever I get the chance, because I'd rather try to help others as best as I can than not try at all just because I have difficulty doing so.