September 11, 2013
The first time I donated was a few days after my 16th birthday. We went as a family to give, my mom has given many times and my older brother gave one or two times before then, I have always wanted to give blood. Well, the first time i gave blood I was almost to a full bag and then I passed out and it took me like 35-40 minutes to recover from that then i was able to leave, i felt soo bad that i couldn't make a bag. Then i just donated on September 9, 2013 and i asked the Redcross why on my blood donor card it had no blood type, turns out if you pass out while they take blood they throw that bag out. The 2nd time i donated i was able to do a full bag! and i felt excellent the whole time! They told me that the first time is the worst because your body is telling you "Oh no i'm not supposed to loose this much blood!!" haha. But I will for sure be giving every time possible!