Special Donations: Hemochromatosis


jerre allen

San Francisco CA, CA
July 17, 2013
After a simple standard blood test during my Primary Care at Curry Senior Center in SF CA, I was suspected of having a genetic blood disorder, Hemochromatosis. When the Dr. informed me that the standard protocol for the excess of iron in my blood was weekly phlebotomies, I inquired whether or not I could donate that blood to people who could use it. She was unsure if that was possible. I had to take that task on myself. After months of feet-dragging, miscommunications and sluggish bureaucratic machinations, I proved to my new Dr's that it was more than possible, it was actually easier, for me, & better for all concerned. Many here are still stuck on the old protocol, and hesitated to begin treatment until a Liver Biopsy was performed. Before the new genetic test was developed, that was the only diagnostic tool in the box. I hope the delay spared me from increased risk of complications setting in! Now I go once a week, and the fine ffolkes @ Blood Banks of the Pacific are now taking my blood to distribute as they see fit. Now I'm looking into donating for the week I'm traveling to the east coast, to keep on schedule.