Very pleasant experience


Tami Gee

Oakley, KS
July 09, 2013
I donated on July 9, 2013. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Scott and Molly were very helpful and knowledgable and fun. This has been missing sometimes in the past. The only problem was with the scheduling. We schedule on sight with staff and family members and this happened to get available online and employees and family member donors were contacted and asked to change to an August date at the VFW. That is not right. The VFW building is sooo hot during the summer. You really should find somewhere that is air conditioned. The water cooler the VFW has just doesn't cut it. The reason we do donate here at the hospital is because it's easy for employees to either stay on the clock and donate or clock out and volunteer. Plus, it's faster and you hardly ever have to wait. Please let us do our own scheduling, we will fill the schedule! Carrie Weber does an excellent job in finding donors.