In Memory of my nephew Michael.



Dexter, ME
July 03, 2013
My name is Tanya and I donate in memory of my nephew Michael. My nephew Michael was diagnosed with stage 4 PNET Cancer in May of 2011 and passed in 10 short months in March of 2012. During those 10 months Michael received blood and I was so very Thankful for those extra days of life we had with him because of the donations. He would be so pale and weak and after receiving his donation he would feel better. Feeling so helpless to this monster we call cancer... as it snuck up on our Mikey and ravaged his body until he could no longer fight...I knew I HAD to do something...I donate to give others life in honor of my nephew Michael. If not for him I would not be a donor and I keep spreading the word as well. This is the one thing we can do and its the most important. Give life. I love you to the moon and back, Michael! Aunt Tanya