The Most Simple Form of Love.



Saint Louis , MO
May 27, 2013
I learned after a trip to the ER when I was 14 that I have O Negative blood just like my dad. After we learned that, he told me about the horrible statistics on how many people with this blood type in America DONT donate and why it was important that I did. I was so sad because our blood can ALWAYS save anyone's life, including my own on the off chance I was the only one with that type donating in my area! To me, donating is personally satisfying because I am saving someone's life and it places absolutely no inconvenience on my life to do so! Because of how positive blood donation makes me feel, I have also chosen to be placed on the organ donation list! It is the most amazing feeling, and to me, donating these different things is the most simple way to pass your love on to others!