Making a lifetime committment for a Life.



Westerlo , NY
May 25, 2013
The first time I donated blood I was 16 at a school blood drive and I was excited at the thought of helping someone. While serving in the US Army we gave blood every quarter as a large group having competitions with other units to see who could get the most donations. After drifting away for a few years to have my children I was brought back into the gift of giving when an accident of a friends nephew left the 18month old requiring several transfusions. The nurse at the hospital explained a program the Red Cross participates in where if you donate for a specific person and fill out the appropriate paperwork the cost of the transfusion is removed from the hospital bill. Since donating for that cause I have tried to remain faithful and each time I become available I try to help support local drives. It's an amazing feeling knowing your donation can save someones life.