The most precious gift ever- the gift of life!


Jeana Mohr

Glen Mills, PA
April 12, 2013
I used to be terrified of needles! I would get nauseous and sweaty... and I hated feeling so out of control over my own body. After having giving birth to two children ( via C-section ) and being insulin dependent during the second pregnancy and having to inject myself four times daily- I realized I really was not afraid of these needles after-all. I knew I had the kind of blood anyone could use. Only about 7% of all people have Type O negative blood and I felt I needed to help others by donating my O negative blood. The Red Cross staff was very friendly and made sure I was OK through every step of the process and I had no ill effects from making my donation! I was HOOKED! I knew I could now do what I never could do in the past. I am now referred to as a "vetran" donor by the Red Cross staff. It made me laugh when one of them said this- thinking back to before I ever donated and how I used to be so afraid. Now I donate every time the Red Cross calls me to remind me "it's time!" I feel really good that I am able to give the most precious gift ever- the gift of life. If I can do this- you can too!