Deaf people are alway welcomed!!



San Jose , CA
April 07, 2013
Yesterday was my first time donating! It was amazing! The staffs was so kind and make sure I was ok. I didn't feel any light headed or dizziness. Most of all I'm deaf, they welcome deaf people who want to donate blood! They don't even require an interpreter to be there with you. I'm pretty thankful that I didn't get deferred for being deaf. They were soo interested in deaf people and their language (ASL). Before going to red cross, there was a blood drive at my school that was hosted by a medical center other than red cross. They deferred me just for not having an interpreter that were trained by them. I was so mad about that. Then I went to red cross and they were kind enough to do it for me! I love helping people more than anything in te world! It is great knowing that you are saving 3 people lives. I competing back to red cross to donate again in two months! I can't wait!! Thank you red cross!!!