Cammie brooks

baltimore, MD
April 04, 2013
My grandmother was an avid blood donator. She passed away Dec. 2011. I also lost my mother after an unsuccessful 2 year battle with Cervical Cancer, stage 4 advanced. starting the day after she passed away I started paying back for the love and help that others gave us in this dark time, to hopefully help others. I donated all her medical equipement as well as her depends and 8 cases of Ensure to Gilcrest Hospice of Baltimore. They were a great help to us in her final months. So she had to have a few blood transfusions and she always was afraid there would not be enough blood or bad blood . Then my husband of 20 years had to have several operations and also had to have blood transfusions. So then i decided at m local Hospital that I would start giving blood every chance they were there and that my iron level was high enough to do so. I even had my doctor put me on iron medication cause my iron was low at one drive and i was unable to donate. Thanks to the help of my physcian I was above the level and I was able to donate again. It is a wonderful feeling that I know I may help someone else's family memeber that may need blood or someone who like in my mothers shoes has a terminally ill disease and that my help may further there days on this earth and to continue loving their family. Thank you Red Cross. Please new donors if you read this, PLEASE DONATE IT IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD THAT YOU CAN HEL TO SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE...