Overcoming My Fear



Le Roy, NY
March 26, 2013
My whole life I have had to deal with needles, and I have always been so terrified of them. I was told of a blood drive in my school a few months ago and my first thought was no way! I was not letting someone put a needle in my arm. I talked it over with my friends and decided that because my blood type is AB - I should probably help out people in need. Just the thought of saving 3 individuals lives was intriguing. I myself want to go into the Health field as a Midwife someday so I figured what's a little blood going to hurt. Today was the day of my blood drive and I was beyond petrified all morning. From signing in to sitting and waiting, I almost changed my mind. But, I sat it out and kept telling myself if was for the greater good. It was finally my time to sit on the table, I began shaking and wishing I would have changed my mind but I sat down and tried having a conversation with the woman about to poke me. Before I knew it the needle was already in. I sat there for a moment and slowly I began to relax. I started to feel so happy with myself. After I was finished I was so excited at what I had done. I signed up for another blood drive in my town for June. I can't wait to help again. Thank you Red Cross for helping me overcome my fear.