Give a new life give blood



Willow Grove, PA
March 16, 2013
My story starts in in 1977 at age 16 I became a volunteer at a community ambulance corps in Philadelphia, PA. becoming an Emt I had a strong desire and need to help others, at age 18 I went into the U.S. Navy as a medic being deployed an assigned to a U.S. Marine corps field Hospital unit seeing how donated blood help save lives I was still scared to donate but wanted to strongly,after being discharged form the U.S.Navy I worked in various trauma units at a Local Philadelphia hospital this confirmed how important blood donation really was to saving lives I even picked up blood for doctors at the blood bank seeing volunteer donor and red cross on the bag of blood made me think how good it must feel for the person donating as well as the person receiving the blood but I was still afraid to donate, in 1998 after a bad divorce and being a single man for years I met my wife she told me she received a double transplant in 1996, she stated the transplant and donated blood saved her life I was so inspired by her story but was still afraid to donate, in 2000 my daughter Elizabeth Carlin was born to me and my wife post transplant and in 2003 my daughter Erin Carlin was born post transplant, I often thought about how the transplant and blood donation blessed our little family, so after my daughter Erin's birth I had to give back with a strong desire I always had to help others I joined The U.S.Coast Guard as a medic and became a blood donor for the first time in 2009 and I will always be a blood donor until the the day I die, save a life and give a family a new life become a blood donor. I was so proud on my last blood donation a saint peters church in Glenside, Pa. on March 15,2013 after donating blood a Glenside ,Pa news reported wanted my story on why I became a blood done Imagine that me, I told her to get out extra paper for the story is long and Iam a proud blood donor.