Try and Try Again



green bay, WI
March 14, 2013
I had attempted four times to donate blood before my first complete donation. I have small veins. I have veins that collapse. I have veins that hide. When I was at my doctors office for a blood draw, the nurse told me how healthy this one vein was. I asked her some questions and the topic of blood donation came up. She advised me that the next time I donate, to try that one vein. I was a little nervous since my last three attemps were unsuccessful and left me with a bruised arm and ego. I thought I would give it one last try. I told the person who was prepping my arm about my one good vein. She got it on her first try and about 15 minutes later, I had donated my first pint of blood. Since then, I know what vein to use, I know what to expect and how to prepare for my visit.