A Spiritual Moment



Brea, CA
March 14, 2013
I donated blood for the first time almost 30 years ago. My Mom had just had surgery & was in recovery. I sneaked to the room she was in & when I peeked in I saw she was being given blood. It suddenly occurred to me that if everyone was like me, she could be dead. I went straight to the lab & donated for the very first time. It was a spiritual experience for me. The fact that an hour & a pint of blood could literally save lives was an overwhelming feeling for me. I actually cried. It was the best feeling! Since that day all those years ago, I've donated gallons of blood & each time is the same. This overwhelming sense of joy, love & the knowing that I am literally giving back. We are a family of donors. My husband & my kids also donate & I am so proud of them.