Lesson Learned



March 14, 2013
This was my second time donating blood, and after feeling fine the first time I had no worries doing it again. The place was being run by a bunch of girl scouts that were annoying and I will look to see if I can avoid that in the future. I sat my 15 minutes with a snack and then left with my free t-shirt. I felt fine till about 1 hour later. I nearly passed out walking through a store. After talking with a nice lady who kindly helped me, we discussed the best foods to eat before a donation and bread with peanut butter was something she used to keep hydrated, and thats what I ate my first time donating but not my second. I recommend eating bread and peanut butter and definitely taking it easy and not walking around after the donation process. This event will not stop me from donating in the future and will just learn from the lesson. I encourage everyone to donate, the people who work for the red cross are super nice and comforting. The pain is SUPER minimal, and the gratification is an amazing feeling. A few weeks after the donation you will receive a letter that thanks you for your donation and tells you how many lives you saved. I am grateful that I am able to give and help save others.