From Donor to Recipient



Harristown, IL
February 24, 2013
This is actually a story of me being a donor and my husband being a recipient. I’m not sure when I started giving blood, but it was a long time ago--long enough for me to reach about 50 units. I give blood because it is a good thing to do, and I always knew that I was helping someone. Little did I know that my husband would become one of “those people who needed help.” In June of 2012, my husband became gravely ill and needed a liver transplant. He was in the process of getting on the transplant list when he went into hepatic-renal failure. Complications with blood infections kept postponing getting on the list. One hospital said he was too great a risk for transplant surgery, so they transferred him to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis. On July 12, 2012 with only several days to live, he was finally on the list! On July 14, 2012 he received his liver. Prior to surgery he received blood products, and during the surgery he received 50 units of whole blood, platelets, or plasma. When I saw those figures written on his chart in ICU, it dawned on me!!! I gave that amount, and Roger received that amount! Watching whole blood being transfused into my husband made me appreciate that donor’s gift of life, and it made me grateful that I could help others with my blood donations. Roger has had several other surgeries, and had received 5 more units of blood. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with my donations so that we won’t be “in debt” anymore! (Please feel free to edit this!)