What is it worth?



Saint Louis, MO
February 21, 2013
I have been donating since I was a senior in high school. At the beginning of my senior year I was just 17 and was able to donate blood. I have never had any family medical issue or any particular reason to do it other than it seem like a nice thing to do. During that blood drive the school exceeded their goal and I was looking forward to the next blood drive. Sadly the next one was in the Spring semester so instead of waiting I found the red cross center and donated there. Over the years I have moved all over the country but always try to keep my donations coming. Due to donations in the military and other blood centers I have no exact count of my donations but know that it is over 11 gallons. They say that donating helps up to three people with each donation but the truth is it helps many more than that. For each person over the years some have gone on to have families and get married and make contributions to our society. While we will never know those we helped, we can know that just due to the statistics that each time you help your gift of blood grows year by year. I am getting near the "up to 300" people helped mark and know that those people are grateful and so are their families and their friends. So while I may never have a statue or plaque in my honor, I do have life that I helped continue and that means more than the minor needle stick that most people use as a reason for not donating. To be honest, if you were the one needing blood, you wouldn't mind getting a needle stick then would you? What if you have the need and there is no blood? Only you can donate blood, it cannot be made in a lab or taken from other animals, humans need human blood and the lives you save will live on with your gift of life. Donating is the best way to know you are helping someone live.