My kids still have their mom



corona, CA
February 05, 2013

I was pregnant with my 3rd child -- I was going to have 3 kids under 5!! Around 8 weeks along, I suffered a tubal rupture. I became sick at 7 pm on a Saturday night. Finally, at noon the next day I knew something was wrong. I had been bleeding internally for 17 hours. I tried to stand up and collapsed on the floor. Since we were visiting family, my brother called 911. I was rushed to the hospital (they could not give me any pain medications since they could not get a blood pressure reading since I had lost so much). Once in the ER, the doctor talked to me about the damage. He said I had lost a lot of blood and was there anyone I wanted to call before surgery. That scared me. During emergency surgery, I was given a lot of units of blood (not sure of the exact amount!). Thank you to the people who donated before me -- they saved my life and my kids still have their mom around. I have donated at least 12 times now -- giving it back so to speak. I am a strong advocate for blood donation and am now the blood drive coordinator at my work.