Foxboro, MA
January 31, 2013
After having a horrendous experiance the last time I gave blood I swore that I would never give again; stopping after fotry years of donating. Well last Monday I was driving in Foxboro and saw Red Cross donation signs out front of the VFW I belong to. Well old habits die hard. Against my better judgement (then agianI am a veteran of a foreign war so how good was that judgement in the first place) I swung in. Went inside and was met with an enthusiastic and friendly staff. Things were slow so I explained my predicament. They asked if I had ever given doubles. As I had I said sure. They explained that their "best" sticker was working that machine. As I had time I went through the preliminary exams and waited. When I was called I ex[l;ained to Karen (unknown last name) my situation. She was great. When she said "you'll feel a pinch" I braced myself for another bayonet drill on my arm. When I didn't feel anything I looked and sw that my blood was already on its way to the machine. Had a WONDERFUL time. And Captain Karen you lcan stick me any time you want. Hopefully I'll contribute for another forty years.