The Midtown TeamG7LLA



Atlanta, GA
January 18, 2013
I donate platelets every two weeks at the Atlanta Midtown Blood Center not just because it is a great idea, but also because of the amazing team there. People like Shundra, Liz King, Channing, Joshua, Denise, Tenile, Rachel and all the others there provide personal and professional care that makes me feel safe and comfortable! they are to be commended! I look forward to my bi-weekly donation because I know I am among the very best there. Donating is such an easy thing to do and it is something you can get others to do more easily than you might think. Friends, family, neighbors and co-workers can share your enthusiasm, but you won't know until you ask them to join you. And there's always a great opportunity to go have lunch together afterwards! If I could say one thing about donating, it would be to tell everyone to find the Red Cross Center nearest you and get to know the people there. The people at the Midtown Blood Center in Atlanta make a difference in my life that matters. I hope your experiences will be as great as mine have been!