Donations help save my brothers life.



Evansville, IN
January 13, 2013
I gave blood for the first time at a local drive hearing that there was a need for blood donors, this was back in 1988. Being healthy I thought why not give as it will help someone in need and there is no made made substitute for blood. At the time I did not know that my brother would be a whole blood recipient after being involved in a near fatal automobile accident. I remember him receiving numerous transfusions in the ICU ward at the hospital. Watching the blood drip into the IV line I stood there and said a prayer thanking God that someone took the time to make a donation. This was not the only time a loved one has received blood and probably will not be the last. The need is daily and you never know who may be next. I will continue to give blood regularly and once again thank God for my health and knowing the short time it takes to donate can change the life of someone in need.