It's a good kind of addiction



Columbia, MO
January 11, 2013
I first wanted to give blood in my home country, Sri Lanka. I was inspired by my mother who is a teacher, regardless to say, with an undying sense of civic responsibility, who is also a constant donor. It was also the 28 years old civil war that ravaged my country that showed me the constant necessity for blood. But unfortunately I was turned down because of my low haemoglobin count. My diet is still restricted to fish, vegetables and, occassioanlly chicken. So, I educated myself eventually and reformed my diet completely; implementing more beans, greens, raisins, iron-enriched food and supplements in my diet. Even being a struggling college student, I gave up my poor diet of noodles & eggs and, did all this reforming without exhausting my bank account. In 2012 I donated blood five times and it's a very rewarding feeling. Everytime I walk out of a donation booth, I feel like a hero without a title but with a great feeling of self-satisfaction and enthusiasm. It's become an addiction to me and I will continue to donate as long as I can!