Love is contagious.....share yourself....



Franklin, MA
December 24, 2012
I have always wanted to give blood but wasn't sure how to go about doing that. My daughter signed up to do so and I was so proud of her. I went with her to the donation site. I decided to get started myself. I was so excited because I could finally give something of myself to someone that need it.I have "tricky" veins and the first time I couldn't donate. because the nurse couldn't find the vein...they collapse I guess. I was so unhappy. The next time I went I ate a good breakfast, drank enough fluids and was able to donate. I was ecstatic! It feels so good to do something for people. My Mom used to tell me, don't put your head on your pillow at night unless you have done something for someone else every day. It may not sound like much but if everyone did one thing for someone else every day, maybe this would be a happier world.. Love is not only giving of is contagious...catch up and join the celebration of life.