my first time and why



hammond, WI
December 15, 2012
i have been giving blood since i turned that time the vietnam war was going on and i had several friends that where over there fighting for us. i had even lost a couple i'm sorry to say. i had been shot when i was 14 and had to endure 9 months in the hospital learning what it was like to have to walk all over again. on one trip home for the week-end one of my friends who had been shot up pretty badly in vietnam had also got home for that same week-end. we spend several hours swapping stories about the good days. he had said that the one thing that was needed most over there was the peoples support and the need for blood. i had decided right then and there that since i had no chance of doing time in the service but that the least i could do was to go and give blood for my country. since i have one of the rarier types (AB+) that was need more. by the time that i was 21 i had already received my 3 gallon pin. people nowadays don't realize that just spending a half to one hour at a donors station can really do a lot. they can break the blood down to so many things that they can use, not just the red that we all think of when we see blood. do yourself and so many others a favor for what they do to keep us safe and free stop by or make a appointment at the next blood drive that comes to your community, you;ll feel so good inside....