Thank You Nancy



Granada Hills, CA
December 14, 2012
Years ago I worked for a company that sponsored a blood drive on their premises. The secretary to the president was in charge of signing up donors. I had never donated blood before and was not interested in doing so. But Nancy was a beautiful girl and I enjoyed any opportunity to speak with her. When she approached my desk and asked me to donate, I proposed a counteroffer. I would donate if she would donate alongside me to allay my worries. She agreed. The donation process was relatively easy and being with Nancy for a half hour was well worth the minor discomfort. I'd like to say that from there we started dating she's now my wife but that didn't happen. I took her to see Star Wars and that's about as far as it went. It's been decades since then and I still donate a few times per year. Over the years I have now donated more than you'd find in an average baby elephant. I'm now approaching my 4th gallon. I have a drawer full of blood drive T-Shirts and wear them proudly.