The Sparkle In Her Eyes



Richland, NY
December 10, 2012
My friend, Ashleigh's cousin Parker died in a motorcycling accident about a year ago. He was only a teenager, and he died because he needed a blood transfusion and no blood was available to him. They held a blood drive in memory of their loved one in November, and I happened to stop there with Ashleigh and I gave a double red in his memory. After I was finished, the boys mother looked at me and I could see the sparkle in her eyes, she did nothing but cry. She simply told me that she was so blessed to have so many people that care so much. I couldn't help but to tear up a little bit. She gave me a hug and told me that because I was such a giving person, there would be one more person in the world that will live a little longer. She was so happy that I was there to donate in her sons memory. She cried for what seemed like forever. Afterward, she showed me a letter she had gotten from another family. When Parker died his family donated some of his bones and organs, the man that received the donations wrote the family a letter expressing their gratitude. To me, giving blood is not just "giving blood". Its me giving part of myself to someone else in need. Life is cyclical, if you do a good thing, good things happen to you in return. I never knew something so small could mean so much. :)