Donations In Honor Of My Father



Spring Hill, KS
November 30, 2012
I began donating blood a couple of years ago after my father passed away at the age of 74, from Multiple Myeloma. Most of my relatives live well into their 90s so his early death was quite shocking to our family. Multiple Myeloma is a hematologic (blood) cancer that affects your plasma cells. It is a very rare form of cancer which currently is not curable and has an extremely bleak life expectancy, after diagnosis, of approximately 5 to 7 years, depending on your overall health and treatment received. During the last year of my father’s life he received several blood transfusions and had it not been for the kindness of strangers’ previously donating blood we would have lost him even sooner. Because of this I began donating blood in his honor, with the hopes that it may give someone else a little more time with their loved one.