Peter Noyes

Longswamp, PA
November 29, 2012
Many factors led to my donating whole blood. Certainly a leading factor happened some 40+ years ago when my Mother's car was T-boned by a large truck. She was on her way to Christmas shopping and ended up at Mass General Hospital's ICU for three months. She kept asking her primary doctor when she could leave and return home and for weeks he told her once she could walk. On the sly and on her own she'd slip off the bed, first just standing followed by a few test steps. After some weeks and on a particular day, Mom asked the doctor again and again he reminded her that she could leave the hospital once she could walk. As he left her room, she got off the bed, ever so slowly followed him to the door and as he was now some distance down the hall, she called after him: "I'm ready to return hom." And soon she was home, ready to share kind words and warm hugs with family members and friends for another twenty plus years. I think of her each time I return to donate another pint of blood.PFBCA