Helping her is my life goal


Jan Ted Briones

San Diego, CA
November 29, 2012

Well I have a friend that has leukimia and I want to donate my blood to her. The other reason I want to donate is because I had a relative that passed away with cancer so I want to make a change in my life by donating my blood to a friend and change her life too. Today, 29 of November 2012, I ask her if her surgery went well and then she told me that it's not looking good and then she told me that her lungs were hurting yesterday. I was going to donate my blood during a blood drive at school but it was too late already because I forgot to eat lunch and it was almost over. So yeah that's my story and I hope I'll be able to donate my blood soon to her. She's my ex girlfriend by the way and when she told me she has leukimia at that point all I want to do was to help her and I still do so yeah. Thank you for taking your time for reading this and again thank you