Long Time Donor - Cross Country Connection



Portland, OR
November 26, 2012
I first donated when I was a year out of college. A friend had been donating and was recruited for Apheresis. It was a small donation center and we had to share our movie with split headphones. That was in Daytona Beach, FL, the team there was so great that I loved the experience. When I moved to Oregon I immediately found the donation center here and continued on. I have been donating regularly for about 15 years now. The whole process has come such a long way, we used to use both arms - one for draw and one for return - and it took about 3 hours! Now it is a single arm and only takes about 90 minutes (unless I give a triple!). It is a great way to help others, I love that I can do it so often -- and the movies and cookies help a lot too! I actually met a co-worker a few weeks ago that had undergone a lot of treatments for cancer and had received platelets for about 6 months while that was going on. I always knew I was doing something good, but when I met someone that I knew in my daily life that had personally benefitted from my donations (and others like mine) it strengthened my dedication to Apheresis.