Stepping Up and Leading



November 24, 2012
I started donating only 2 years ago, at the very time I was legally allowed to donate without parent permission. The very first time I donated, I was in my high school psychology class, which only had are 8 or 9 people in it max. The routine when the blood drive comes through is that one of the teachers goes to each classroom and signs people up. When she came to my classroom, she asked if anyone was interested, and not a single person raised their hand. Now I know some weren't old enough, but more than enough were. As she went to leave, I shot my hand up into the air and said I would donate, because I couldn't let her leave without getting at least one person from every room. I wasn't really interested in it, I didn't even know it was going on, but something in me that day just couldn't let her leave without signing up at least one person from the class. I'm only 19 now, but I've donated quite a few times, and every time it has been at the high school, because they have drives their quite often. I try to make sure every time I go that I am in a very happy and encouraging mood so that I can coax the people on the fence to donate, because I know once they donate once and get over the first donation, they won't have that fear anymore, or that uneasiness that can come when you first start thinking of donating. I'm donating again on Tuesday, the 27th and this time I'm going to donate platelets for the first time, and next month I will also be donating bone marrow to help as many people as possible.